About BillMari

BillMari is a Pan-African remittance service that shall leverage on bitcoin technology to tap into new markets of the diaspora remittance.

What We Do

WWe are a remittance platform that allows people to send money to Zimbabwe from anywhere in the world leveraging Bitcoin technology.
We are the only Bitcoin-based company in the world to receive a money transfer license from the central bank of Zimbabwe and have a strategic partnership with Agribank to perform remittances for their customers using Bitcoin.

Our Mission

Technology changes the world in ways that politics, militarism, and economics cannot. We believe that Bitcoin will be the technology that unifies a “United States of Africa.” BillMari will leverage Bitcoin technology to reduce the friction of sending money to Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa. BillMari will do all it can to help eliminate the border impediments to trading within the African continent, and this will eventually assist in overcoming the neocolonial banking infrastructure that currently undermines Africa’s development.

What Problem Do We Solve

The remittance problem is global, yet it hits the hardest in developing regions including Africa. In 2017, the international average cost of remittance was approximately 7% yet, the cost of sending money to and from Africa can be as high as 20%. 20% is $2 out of every $10. These $2 may mean very little to you and me, but in some areas of Africa, it could be the cost of a daily grocery trip. Exceptionally high costs of remittances to Africa partnered with an almost complete lack of transparency in the movement of funds to Africa. These costs reduce the value of remittances that can be sent to Africa, thereby stifling the real economic growth of Africa. When the Zimbabwean economy collapsed in 2009, a lot of people left the country to work in the diaspora and support their families back home. They face high fees to send money back home through traditional remittance platforms. We will use bitcoin to reduce the cost of remittances and reduce the friction of financial transactions.


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